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One Titanic Snow Storm

  • One Titanic Snow Storm

The 2015 NRL campaign hasn't even started yet and the Gold Coast Titans couldn't seem to implode any further. 

This is following today's revelations that Titans hooker Beau Falloon and Jamie Dowling, along with code hopping uber-dude Karmichael Hunt, have been charged with supplying cocaine by the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission.  It has also revealed that several other Titans players may get dragged into this proverbial "snow storm". 

The cat is truly among the pigeons now. 

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This is just the latest in a string of off-field weirdness perpetrated by or inflicted upon the Titans. The Gold Coast can't manage to scrape together a major sponsor for this season, off the back of these cocaine supply allegations, they officially have no place to train, James Roberts seems to get into trouble with every second breath, Greg Bird appears to be shopping himself around to the highest bidder, Paul Carter seems to drive drunk more often than sober and now start recruit Josh Hoffman has injured himself. 

Things are slowly taking shape for the Gold Coast Titans and that shape looks a lot like the apocalypse. 

Stay tuned to find out what else can go wrong for the Titans this year. Will there be a grotesque sexual incident? Perhaps a bout of domestic abuse? Corruption? Bribery? Only time will tell I guess.

Is this the beginning of the end for the Titans? 


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