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Roberts in Strife

  • Roberts in Strife

The enigmatic James Roberts has found himself in a spot of bother again. 

Roberts has been arrested and charged with public nuisance and obstructing a police officer after an allegedly boozy encounter on the V8 weekend. 

This is bad news for Roberts and the Titans because James has a bit of history with the bottle, having been turfed from two other clubs - the Bunnies and the Panthers - due to alcohol related issues. 

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The NRL Integrity Unit has already stepped in and are investigating the situation which could lead to Roberts copping a suspension or the axe. 

Roberts clearly has a problem with alcohol and needs help. Hopefully he can receive that help within a fantastic support structure like the Titans.

Is Roberts just a 21 year old who needs a bit of help and guidance with a genuine problem or is he beyond help?


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