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Titans Spring to Life and Trade

  • Titans Spring to Life and Trade

After a seemingly dormant start to trading during this off-season, the Titans have exploded on the scene, jagging gargantuan prop Dave Hala and bonafide fullback, Josh Hoffman from Brisbane.

Beau Henry has also been shown the door only for the Dragons – who are making some truly weird recruiting decisions – to offer him a contract.

Prior to this week I had no idea what the hell the Titans and new coach Neil Henry were up to. Where they playing dead to attract the vultures? It seemed as though they were standing idly by and waving goodbye as a vast majority of this year’s squad made tracks.

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Gold Coast have supplied Super League team Hull Kingston Rovers half a playing squad for next year with Mark Minichiello, Albert Kelly, Maurice Blair and Steve Michaels all making the treacherous voyage over to the UK.

Brad Takairangi, after being screwed around a bit, by accepting a contract from Wests, only for Wests to renege on the contract then being accepted back by the Titans has finally high-tailed it again, this time to Parramatta.

But who cares? They’re all yesterday’s news.

David Hala is a ferocious muscle-brute who is big enough to strike fear into King Kong himself. His addition is mammoth for the Titans.

Josh Hoffman’s addition is great to see but also raises a couple more questions. Will David Mead stick around now that the fullback position is all but Hoffman’s? Where does Will Zillman fit into the new squad? Possibility a bench utility?

What are your thoughts on the Titans sudden presence on the trading scene? What do you think it means for the club?

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