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Titans Not Fine

  • Titans Not Fine

The Titans have been bitch-slapped with a $300,000 fine and the loss of four competition points after a lengthy investigation into some dodgy paper work and extra payments to former club Captain Scott Prince.

$75,000 of the fine and the competition points have been suspended unless the Titans are found guilty of more cap breaches in the coming two years. Gold Coast received this suspended portion of their fine because they self reported the anomaly.

There has been word of something fishy going on with Prince’s payments and contract for years now with an investigation into who bought his house but the NRL auditors have finally shed some light on the rumours.

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It turns out that the former Titans management was paying Prince in excess of what the contract lodged with the NRL stated.

Manly Sea Eagles, Newcastle Knights, Sydney City Roosters and the Wests Tigers were all handed lesser fines for cap breaches of varying severity also.

The missing name from that list though is the Brisbane Broncos who self-reported a possible $300,000 black hole in their books earlier this year. Apparently the Broncs were able to weasel their way out of a fine by stone-walling the NRL auditors and Integrity Unit: smart thinking.

Was this fine fair? 

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