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5 Reasons Dave Taylor is a Great Bloke

  • 5 Reasons Dave Taylor is a Great Bloke

The Titans havenít had the greatest year, itís plain to see. One bloke however has had a pretty good year on the Gold Coast and thatís Dave Taylor. Big Dave even notched up a hat-trick against the Warriors earlier in the season.

  1. Heís the only bloke that can fall out of bed and the floor comes off second best.
  2. Heís built like a Mack truck but all he wants is to play in the halves. Let Dave play in the halves damnit! He can step, he can kick, he can throw a well timed pass and he can run. Just because the bloke is as big as a house doesnít mean he has to play in the forwards.
  3. Despite suffering a bulging disc in his neck he told the Titans doctors to rack off and played for outgoing coach John Cartwrightís final game.
  4. He has the coolest nickname going around: Coaltrain. I dare you to point out someone playing with a better nickname than that. You just canít do it.
  5. Heís an enigma wrapped in a riddle: he has the uncanny ability to make the simple things look difficult and the impossible seem basic.
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