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Cartwright Calls it Quits

  • Cartwright Calls it Quits

It has finally happened: John Cartwright has quit as coach of the Gold Coast Titans.

Ever since word of the internal review got out I think we could all sense the writing was on the wall. When the Titans were flogged by the Cowboys on the weekend that writing got a lot bolder and grotesque.

Carty is no fool: he could read the brutal graffiti on the wall too and in the end he decided to jump before being pushed into oblivion.

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Carty has brought an end to his eight year reign as founding coach of the Gold Coast Titans on his own terms which is a good thing. It has been a wild ride full of giddy ups and gruesome downs and littered along the way with some weird controversies.   

The Titans started off the year in such amazing fashion but things went downhill quickly after hitting the top of the ladder. Carty’s year was soured by crippling injuries to his halves combination and had to deal with an unusual amount of suspensions and an off-field incident.

Assistant coach Neil Henry will step in to fill the void left by Carty and the smart money is that Henry will go on to be the Titans coach forevermore.

I’d personally like to thank Carty for what he has created. The Gold Coast clearly has a strong culture and that is thanks in no small part to Cartwright. Cheers mate, we hope your future is bright and sees you well.

So how does all of this sudden upheaval sit with you? Are you happy Carty has thrown in the towel? Are you pleased to see Henry take the reins?  

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