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Milford Raids Titans

  • Milford Raids Titans

Anthony Milford single-handedly embarrassed the Titans 20-36 at C-Bus Stadium today.

Milford weaved more gold than Rumpelstiltskin out there today. He was astounding and hypnotising to watch. The Titans just couldnít contain him. If he wasnít scoring tries himself he was orchestrating tries or line breaks for the rest of his squad.

Big Dave Taylor had a very hot and cold day which started with picking up a grubber and bolting almost 50 metres down the field and then backing up to burst through the Raiders defence and get an elegant flick pass away for Kalifa Faifai Loa to dive across. However later in the game Taylorís turnstile defence proved costly.

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Albert Kelly made a brief cameo before hobbling off soon after, much to the dismay of the majority of Titans fans.

Daniel Mortimer is clearly growing more and more confident and comfortable with his role at the Titans. He executed the third most tackles for the match at 28. Paul Carter is clearly trying to make amends for his transgression earlier this year by getting into 24 tackles and making 11 runs for 104 metres.

Despite some individual heroics the Titans were no match for Anthony Milfordís mind blowing master class. How are you supposed to defend against a bloke who no-look, reflexively batts on a ball perfectly? Seemingly impossible off-loads were made to look pedestrian in Milfordís hands. The Milf ended with two tries, two try assists, one line-break and five line-break assists.

It seems as though, with a loss to the seemingly lowly Raiders, the Titans Finals dreams are as doomed as the Dodo.

Is there any way the Titans can make the Finals? Where are they going wrong?

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