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Titans Go Down Swinging

  • Titans Go Down Swinging

The Titans went down swinging to the Melbourne Storm, 20-24 last night.

After all of the injuries, suspensions and Origin call ups the Titans were limping into this match-up. The Titansí problems only compounded eight minutes in when Beau Henry went down as if he were hit by a sniper. Tragically it seems as though Henry suffered a posterior cruciate ligament injury which would likely have him sidelined for a few weeks.

Ben Roberts opened the scoring for the Titans after easily breaking through the line and completely bamboozling Will Zillman with the slightest of dummyís.

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Now I know there are a lot of murmurís out there that Will Zillman should be dropped with extreme prejudice. I like Zillman. Over the last couple of years his form at fullback has been great to watch but things have gone awry ever since Zilly returned from injury. Heís not back to his best. Heís struggling deluxe and being duped so easily by Roberts exemplifies Zillyís complete lack of form.

Ash Harrison filled in for the injured Beau Henry but poor Ash ended up in the sick bay soon after as well.

The Storm motored out to a 0-10 lead and things were looking very grim indeed but the Titans are a gang of street fighters and hit back to go into half time 10-10 thanks to Brad Tighe and Kevin Gordon.

After half time Joel Romelo was sent off for a professional foul. Somehow the Titans were unable to pull the Stormís pants down while they were minus a bloke. In fact it was Melbourne who scored while they had a man in the sin bin. Will Chambers scored his first of two for the night.

It was then that the Gold Coastís latest bad boy convert, James Roberts, got a hold of the pill and made a charge for the line, breaking through two would-be defenders to slam the ball down.

In the end the whole game was won and lost in the final ten minutes. Melbourne went berserk and scored two quick tryís through Ben Hampton and Kurt Mann. As the Gold Coast did all game though, they fought back through Kevin Gordon scoring his second and it was an absolute corker. KG swooped on a Maurice Blair bomb in fantastic try that sadly still had the Titans just shy of the Storm.

I hope to see more of James Roberts in action for the Gold Coast.

Is this fifth straight loss for the Titans cause for concern?

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