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A Conflict of Interests

  • A Conflict of Interests

As a Titans fan I find Greg Bird's grade 3 charge for a lifting tackle on Bryson Goodwin outrageous, insulting, over the top and a complete farce. What sort of muppets are lurking behind the scenes making these wild decisions? It's utter lunacy at its worst and complete idiocy at its best.

As a Queenslander I find Greg Bird's grade 3 lifting charge to be a completely fair and reasonable call. It makes perfect sense he should be charged so severely.

Some would say these differing views make me a hypocrite. I would have to agree. I am a hypocrite, but so what?

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I think it's rotten that Birdy is being made such a blatant scape-goat and future cautionary tale to all players: lift a bloke in a tackle and the match review committee will get ya. But the possibility of Birdy missing Origin relieves me more than a little bit. Birdy lifts his game to a fanatical and dangerous other level during Origin.

At your heart of hearts are you a Titans fan or a QLD fan? Is Bird's charge fair or outlandish?

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