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The Forgotten

  • The Forgotten

Tweed Heads beat the Northern Pride 29-26 yesterday in the Queensland Cup. Tweed's win can be directly attributed to Titans recruit Kalifa Faifai Loa who scored a hat-trick.

I had completely forgotten that Faifai Loa was a Titan.

Faifai Loa was an absolute wrecking ball when he played for the Cowboys, able to cross the line at will. Kalifa has even played for New Zealand and Samoa.

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So how come there isn't a place in the Titans squad for him? After Zillman's less than impressive performance in the centers is it completely ludicrous to hope to see Faifai Loa in there? It's not as if Kalifa isn't skilled or strong enough to pair Takairangi in the centers.

What do you think? Is Faifai Loa's hat-trick deserving of a call-up to the Titans squad?

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