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Wabbits Win

  • Wabbits Win

It only took a minute and a half for the slaughter to begin. It finally came to a halt after 80 minutes. When the dust settled the Titans had been thrashed by the Rabbits, 18-40.

The Bunnies' Dylan Walker opened the scoring with a long range, tear-away try. Walker went on to bag himself four tries during the match having a fifth denied by the video ref. Alex Johnston got himself a pair too.

The Titans didn't ever seem to be in danger of beating the Rabbitohs.

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For only the second time this year the Titans usually iron-clad defence looked flimsy and weak. The Bunnies were able to punch holes through us at will.

The big talking point of the game though is Greg Bird. Birdy was placed on report for a pretty brutal looking lifting tackle on Byrson Goodwin. Goodwin was picked up and driven into the ground by Birdy and after the McKinnon incident this year it's hard to see Bird walking away from this unscathed. Most people in the know are tipping that Birdy will miss a week or two which sounds about right.

The only glimmer of hope for us was Anthony Don scoring himself a pair. The first was a perfectly timed intercept and the other was an aerial contest from a cross-field Sezer boot.

In the end it was a grim game to watch for any red-blooded Titans fan.  Will Zillman's return was a bit of a hodge-podge. I thought Zillman was even caught out of position on more than one occasion, which isn't surprising really. I can't remember ever seeing Zillman play in the centres.

Can the Titans bounce back against the Broncs next week? How do you think Birdy will fare in the judiciary?



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