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1st Semester Report Card

  • 1st Semester Report Card

The Titans are sitting pretty alone, atop the competition ladder. 

I'm not going to lie: I am surprised. I am pleasantly surprised. In fact, I'm bloody stoked.

It's been hard yakka for the last couple of years watching the Titans toil away and still barely dodge the wooden spoon. Thank God for Parramatta, that's all I can say.

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'But now the boys are getting a bit of success there are certain aspects of the media and NRL fraternity that are beginning to poo-poo the Titans' results. People are saying it must be a fluke. They're even throwing around rotten statistics proving why the Titans shouldn't be competition leaders.

But all the stats in the world can't refute the fact: we're on top!

In real-world footy stats don't win you matches. Strength, determination as well as true grit win you games, and we are chock full of that. 

How could we not be winning games with Greg Bird and Nate Myles - our triumphant co-captains - playing out of their skin? We have a pair of hookers - Beau Falloon and Paul Carter - that both have more mongrel than an RSPCA shelter. Our halves pairing of Albert Kelly and Aidan Sezer both seem to be in career best form; able to turn a game on its ear at the drop of a hat.

Luke Douglas, Luke Bailey, Matt White, Dave Taylor and Ryan James provide more starch up front than a laundromat. 

Then there are our backs: David Mead, Kevin Gordon, Anthony Don and Will Zillman are absolute gremlins in defence: able to dismantle any structured attack. Our backs are also a potent gang of offensive ball runners too.

We're the whole package.

I give our boys an A- so far this year. We're on top but as the media has pointed out, some of our stats are far from fantastic. That just means there's room for improvement, which is a scary prospect for the rest of the NRL.

How would you grade the Titans performance so far this year?



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