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Gold Coast Bad Boys

  • Gold Coast Bad Boys

Word on the street is that the Titans are chasing former Rabbitoh and Panther, James Roberts.

Roberts, an absolute enigma on the wing, was given the arse from Penrith this month after he was involved in a bit of a fracas. Apparently he and a teammate got in a blue and ended up causing some damage to a taxi, only for Roberts to make his getaway. Which doesn't sound too funny. Until you realise that Roberts has an ankle injury and had to make his getaway on crutches.


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Roberts has also been booted from the Rabbitohs in the past for off-field incidents.

So should the Titans take a punt on a two-time loser like James Roberts?

Of course! The Titans are the only outfit that should even entertain the possibility. We have a proven track record of taking in wayward players and turning them into disciplined superstars.

Roberts' cousin, Albert Kelly, was dropped from the Sharks and Knights for an assortment of off-field, alcohol-fuelled incident's.

Nate Myles had more than one slip-up when it came to the grog, all of which came to a head in 2009 with the infamous turd in the hotel hallway.

There wasn't a team in the NRL that would touch Greg Bird with a ten-foot pole after he glassed his missus and blamed his flat-mate for it. But then the Titans came along.

The only person we haven't managed to turn into a success story just yet is Big Dave Taylor. But it's only a matter of time until John Cartwright and the team down the M1 manage to turn him into a dead-set superstar.

Should the Titans pursue Roberts? Or have we already bitten off more than we can chew nursing other superstars to success?




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