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The Coaltrain from Hell

  • The Coaltrain from Hell

Big Dave Taylor has had his best pre-season ever. At least that's what people in the know are whispering among each other. Apparently the Behemoth rocked up to pre-season minus 5 kilos and has been busting a gut at every training session since.

This is fantastic news.

There's nothing I love more than seeing Big Dave Taylor running amock, tearing the opposition to pieces. Whether with his brute force or an elegant little chip or well-timed pass.

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Greater minds than mine have been trying to discourage Big Dave from the chip and chase and his natural ball-playing skills. Those greater minds are absolute gooses! If Big Dave wants to play at halfback, 5/8 or even fullback let him give it a crack! He's an absolute wonder and a Leviathan of a man that could crush any nay-sayer to dust with just two fingers.

Is Big Dave the complete match-winner or should he just stick to being a blunt instrument?

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